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here is the page for the radios it is easy to add them just copy the link of the radio you want example links :

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Ambient Sleeping Pill,
Lofi: Lofi Girl,
Lofi: Chillhop,
Lofi: Box Lofi,
Lofi: The Bootleg Boy,
Lofi: Radio Spinner,
Lofi: SmoothChill,
Chillout (Groove Salad - SomaFM),
Alternative (BAGeL Radio - SomaFM),
American Roots (Boot Liquor - SomaFM),
Celtic (ThistleRadio - SomaFM),
Atmospheric (Drone Zone - SomaFM),
Ambient (Space Station  - SomaFM),
Covers (SomaFM),
Downtempo (Secret Agent - SomaFM),
Dub Step (Dub Step Beyond - SomaFM),
Folk (Folk Forward - SomaFM),
House (Beat Blender - SomaFM),
Indie Pop (Indie Pop Rocks! - SomaFM),
Intelligent dance music (Cliq Hop - SomaFM),
Jazz (Sonic Universe - SomaFM),
Lounge (Illinois Street Lounge - SomaFM),
Pop (PopTron! - SomaFM),
Progressive (Tags Trance Trip - SomaFM),
Public Radio (WNYC - Public Radio from New York to the World),
Rock (Digitalis - SomaFM),
Noticias (Radio-FORMULA),
La Ke Buena ,
Aristegui noticias ,
Culiacán - Exa FM,
Culiacán - La Mejor 97.7,
Culiacán - La Comadre ,
Culiacán - Match FM ,

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