PyRadio - cli internet radio player

Originally published at: PyRadio - cli internet radio player - Mabox Linux notes

PyRadio is command line internet radio player written in Python.

It uses MPV, Mplayer or VLC to play streams.

Basic controls:

Up/Down/j/k/PgUp/PgDown – move through station list
Enter/Right/l – play selected station
-/+ or ,/. – change volume
m – mute
r – random station
g – go to first station
3G – go to 3th station
Space/Left/h – stop/start playing selected station
Esc/q – quit

The latest version of PyRadio amongst many improvements and fixes brings basic mouse support.

The mouse can be used as follows:
Click Change selection
Double click Start / stop the player
Middle click Toggle player muting (does not work with all terminals)
Wheel Scroll up / down
Shift-Wheel Adjust volume (does not work with all terminals)

To enable mouse support go to Config Window (c), change Enable Mouse Support to True, save settings (s) and restart Pyradio for the change to take effect.

Project website: PyRadio on Github


PyRadio is already available in Mabox repository as update (package pyradio-git).

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Hi Napcok,

I still use the by you provided shortcut from the left panel. Mouse is only available for scroll (very rudimentary) and nothing else works like you described it.
Just to let you know.



Hi @bootz,
As you’ve been using Mabox for a while and installed it long before the latest release, you may need to do some additional reconfiguration :slight_smile:

  1. Install sakura - lightweight terminal emulator. PyRadio mouse support doesn’t work very well with terminator.
yay sakura
  1. Edit shortcut - command in left panel
geany ~/.config/mabox/places-append.csv

Search for line with Pyradio and replace it by:

<b>PyRadio</b> - <i>Internet Radio Player</i>,sakura -T "PyRadio" -e "pyradio -p"

Then enable mouse support - like in first post. All should work after that.

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Hi Napcol,

Tried your suggestion. Now the scrollwheel still sucks :wink: as it skips two lines, the single left click doesn’t do anything at all, middle click stops/starts play (not mute) and indeed the audio volume up/down with shift+wheel doesn’t work either.
I know, that’s not your doing but I would like to tell this as you will get a lot of different “this works not as advertised” messages.

If I’m now using your setup and with you it’s working then I would be a bit flabbergasted…



Looks like somehow you still have older pyradio version installed.
Should be

pacman -Q pyradio-git

Hi Napcok,

This is what I have installed


So it should mostly work when pyradio is started in sakura and Mouse support is set to True in Pyradio.

For me it works but:
muting with middle click doesn’t work.
Double click stops/starts the player when clicked on active station, on other station it changes station.

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No problem! It still is one of my favorite stream players. Maybe it would be nice to have something like a “country” playlist with the best streams for that country. I will update mine with a few Dutch radios. Switching between lists is easy with the O key.

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Like in good Windows language " a reboot is always good…" after one it’s working :roll_eyes:


I like that idea :slight_smile:
Maybe we can have a separate forum thread when users can share their favorite station lists?

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Please initiate… and share yours first :- :grinning:

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Hi there @napcok , hi guys

I am the active developer of pyradio and would like to inform you that I know about these problems. I have released two BUG FIX releases since yesterday, so we’ll just have to wait for @napcok to update the package :wink:

Other than that, I have been using mabox the last couple of days (actualy the latest three versions were developed on mabox) and I find it absolutely fascinating!

I have been looking for a WM distro for a long time, but anything existing seemed to be based on debian and having so old s/w kept me away. But now… we have mabox!

@napcok and teem, congrats!


Hi @sng,
First, I like to thank you a lot for developing PyRadio and implementing mouse support.
Great to hear that you like Mabox, and also to see you here on forum :slight_smile:

I will compile latest PyRadio package and upload to repository ASAP.


PyRadio is already available in repo


to update :slight_smile:


Updated, works fine :slight_smile:

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Nice to hear that!

And even if it does not, bug reports are always welcomed on github.

As already been mentioned here, you should not be enabling the mouse when running it in terminator. You should use sakura, alacritty, rox or termite.



New release is out!

@napcok please refer to this before packaging: pyradio/ at master · coderholic/pyradio · GitHub


Looking at it, I see I have ommited a “/”

I don’t know how you prepare the package, but the command would be:

    sed -i 's/distro = None/distro = Mabox Linux/' pyradio/config

Thanks @sng, I just uploaded new version to the repo :slight_smile: