PyRadio - cli internet radio player

Just a look into the future…
Trying Radio Browser service on PyRadio (very early stage).
Showing 100 top voted stations, no search function yet :wink:


Some colors in PyRadio :slight_smile:

pyradio | lolcat



This is awesome man!

The color is welcome, it gives more clarity. In revenge, the command line is not good, i obtain a error 32

I think it will be a great feature and will make PyRadio more famous :slight_smile:
Fingers crossed.

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Hey @napcok
I see you are playing with my devel branch!

Yes, when I saw Radio Browser in your screenshot I knew I had to try it ASAP :wink:

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Well, not much to do at the moment…

So, what do you think of the layout?
Hint: try to resize the window…

It looks good for me :slight_smile:

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