Update impossible

Hello, the community,
The upload is impossible because the target of Modulo, Wkgtk-Common and Wxgtk2 not find.

What should i do ? Please. Guillaume

I use a eeePC with kernel 5.15
CPU N455

Performing an update after a year of not updating the system will always be risky, especially in a rolling-release model.

The fundamental rule in rolling-release distributions is to regularly perform a full update

Just try to remove those packages. In fact, they are not essential.

Check this and remove those packages…then update mabox, as I see , this update will take quite long for your EEEPc .

Hello, @napcok and for this rapid answer.

My computer is a gift and i want to use for testing Mabox.

I know the softwares to unstall.

On the Terminal, the target is not find.
With the graphical mode, the window is very big and i not Access of buttons.

How to reduce the height of the window in order to be able to uninstall wxgtk-common, Wxgtk2 and Modulo, please ?

Because the reduct of the height is impossible ! For info, the resolution of my screen IS 1024x600

PS:Sorry for my bad english

yay -R modulo wxgtk-common wxgtk2

Hello, @napcok
Sorry for my answer low.

I install Mabox three Times on my Eee Pc.
The first and two install is not good because the GRUB do not présent.

I use a code line gift by a friend to part of my Linux group for this and today my computer is on. Now, is m’y computer for testing Mabox.

Thanks you for your help. Guillaume.