[SOLVED] Problems while updating the system (wxgtk2 error message)

Hello there. I just got an update request in my mabox but when I try to apply the changes, I get the following error message:

removing wxgtk-common breaks dependency 'wxgtk-common' required by wxgtk2

How should I procede to overcome the problem? Looking at the arch wiki I saw something about unninstalling the package manually and then getting on with the update but when I tried I got another error message saying:

removing wxgtk2 breaks wxgtk2 required by module

OBS: My knowledge about linux (arch based and otherwise) is quite basic.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I had to uninstall module…then I could remove wxgtk2 & wxgtk-common… I then I could update…

I just want to point out that this is not a Mabox issue…for it comes along Manjaro & Arch renew of packages or replace…some other old apps are having issues for they have this wxgtk2 dependency impasse…just to see what is coming next I leave this link from Manjaro:


Please remove wxgtk2 and modulo.

yay -R wxgtk2 modulo

modulo is an optional dependency for espanso - text expander.


Thank you guys. Removing both packages did the trick just fine.

Appreciate the help.


I temporarily got around it by update from terminal (which I normally do) there you have the option of not replacing conflicting modules. Update all good but thanks for the heads up. I will remove modules next login.
Cheers Paulie

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Thanks, gents. That resolved the same issue I was having and saved me from having to post about it.


Helped me as well - anyway I used to do it by habit, that when I notice a big update I always check the Manjaro & Mabox forum thread about it beforehand so I can see if any manual intervention is needed.

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Thanks! I was wondering exactly where it came from–pacman tells me it was explicitly installed on 10 October 2021, but my pacman log begins on 24 Oct 2021. So I was guessing it was part of the original install and came here to find out.

Still very much liking Mabox for audio production by the way. Am almost done mixing a cover of a John Cale song. Will share when it is done. :slight_smile:

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