[TEST NEEDED] Hot Corners/Edges, mb-fetch and mb-music

A few free days of May holidays - spent in front of the monitor brings some new toys for Mabox :wink:
They’re not 100% ready - maybe ~90% :wink: - but quite usable.

Three scripts you can download to ~/bin/ and test.

mcorners - hot corners and edges - launch programs when the mouse reaches the edge of the screen

mb-fetch - eye candy neofetch like thing, but also functional

mb-music - play background music and code/work


cd ~/bin/
wget https://repo.maboxlinux.org/testing/{mcorners,mb-fetch,mb-music}
chmod +x {mcorners,mb-fetch,mb-music}

To play music from YT by mb-music you need to ensure you have yt-dlp installed:

yay yt-dlp

Example playlist (my own) is provided. Format is the same as PyRadio. Edit playlist from Settings…

To play with all of three toys it’s best to start Hot Corners - middle click on desktop and check… Screen Edges - hot corners

Currently configured and hardcoded actions:

:arrow_upper_left: topleft = colorizer rootmenu
:arrow_up: top = quake terminal
:arrow_upper_right: topright = mb-music :new:
:arrow_left: left = left sidepanel
:arrow_right: right = right sidepanel
:arrow_lower_left: bottomleft = colorizer menus module
:arrow_down: bottom = mb-fetch :new:
:arrow_lower_right: bottomright = expose windows effect

Enjoy :slight_smile:


If one does not want all three of them, say only one, or two, can only those that I want be downloaded/installed only?

Do whatever you want :slight_smile:
Just it is much easier to have them all.

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Didn’t tried yet but I’m assuming the Hot Corners will include a configurable delay time. :thinking:

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All three seem to be working fine but middle clicking desktop does not give the option … Screen Edges - hot corners in the window that pops up.

Perhaps I have changed a necessary key-binding?

Also, I don’t seem to have the ‘hard-coded options’

None of this is a problem, just reporting my findings. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I installed the mb-fetch and tried it out. It seems to be working okay for me on my install.

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Part of rc.xml for having it on middle click.

<mousebind action="Press" button="Middle">
        <action name="Execute">
          <command>jgdesktops -s</command>
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Not there yet, but definitely everything will be configurable, before it will be shipped normally as package update. This will take some time and proper testing.


mb-music: How to create a playlist from local sound files?

mb-music is not meant to replace a full-featured music player. I use it when I need some background music (usually long stream or radio) - for coding session or some other work.
It is possible to play anything what mpv can play, but for local media I prefer to use audacious or cmus, they much more comfortable.
Format of playlist is: LABEL,URL (the sama as for Pyradio)
something like:


should work.


I am testing desktop corners.
Mainly I am using 2 monitors.
If I go to the edge connected to the second monitor, in my case middle right, the entire second monitor responds as the edge.

If I could change the middle right edge to bottom right corner and leave the middle right blank I think it is workable for me.
At the moment I can’t use the desktop edges.

But I don’t know how I could change the hot corners.

Impression desktop corners.
De GIF is a bit slow. Without recording it response faster.



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mb-music testing . . .

location ~/bin/

Since I am using xfce4-panel, I am looking for a way to be able to use mb-music anyway.
I have tested the tool with tint2 and it works.

Now I am trying to use the command $ mb-music -s to get the menu to create a starter with. Or hotkey.
The menu appears, but I can’t click on anything. It only shows the menu, no actions.

How do I activate the menu the right way.


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For now you can use command:

mb-music -s 2>/dev/null

You can add it to mainmenu favorites or to sidepanels for testing.
Mabox Control Center → Menu/Sidepanels … and there you can edit custom commands.

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All scripts updated with little fixes.
So you might like to update them with:

cd ~/bin/
rm -f {mcorners,mb-fetch,mb-music}
wget https://repo.maboxlinux.org/testing/{mcorners,mb-fetch,mb-music}
chmod +x {mcorners,mb-fetch,mb-music}

@muzqs mcorners may be little less annoying on 2 monitor setups now. Although I do not guarantee anything as I don’t have such setup to test.


Hi @napcok,
Thanks for the update … First test {mcorners} looks better. Will test for a view more day’s . . . .

Dear testers :slight_smile:
Please remove ~/bin/mb-music as it already is shipped as an update (with mabox-pipemenus package).

rm -f ~/bin/mb-music
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Some things I’ve run into (will add pictures later)

  1. Colorizer menu stutters when opening via hot corners. Mostly happens if I release my finger from the trackpad before trying to select an item. Does not happen to other menus.
  2. Music menu has discoloration in the visualizer image at the top of the menu. Some bars filled in others are grayed out.
  3. New neofetch option has extra large MABOX icon blocking some text.

So far enjoying hot corners And expanded menus. :+1:

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I don’t know if you @napcok want to know how hotcorners works with two monitors.

On the side where the second monitor starts (right in my case), that side has trouble picking up mouse resistance for the menu. As mentioned before.
It does improve now after your modification of the script though.
Unfortunately at the end not workable for me.

It’s more to keep you informed, not a priority for me.


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@muzqs can you please share your monitors resolutions, and output of those commands:

xdotool getdisplaygeometry --shell
xrandr | grep '\bconnected\b'

Hi @napcok ,

LVDS-1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 344mm x 194mm
VGA-1 connected 1920x1080+1920+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 477mm x 268mm