Terminator is a great terminal app!

Terminator is really a great and useful terminal app.

I only just want to rappeal here that there is an useful documentation available on the Mabox User Guide :

And i just saw that Tecmint (a Linux website) had published a short article on Terminator, with screenshots and a list of keyboard shortcuts :

And ‘man terminator’ is useful too ! :wink:


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Yeah, it’s pretty cool and useful. I run it on another of my distro’s (I multi-boot) Elive uses it as default.

This is why it is default terminal emulator in Mabox :slight_smile:
Terminator have also some more advanced features like “broadcast”, custom commands by plugin, or even undocumented ability to run with partial configs.

Small example:

    "layout": {
        "tab1": [
                "command": "pyradio",
                "ratio": 0.7
                "command": "cava",
                "ratio": 0.3

Save this as ~/.config/terminator/pyradio_cava.json
Create a launcher wherever you like with command:

terminator -T "PyRadio & Cava" --geometry=420x440-20-20 -j ~/.config/terminator/pyradio_cava.json


Just simple example, I use similiar configs for some of repetitive tasks. Really timesaver which can eliminate some boring activity.
Some other examples available on Terminator GitHub.