Terminator is a great terminal app!

Terminator is really a great and useful terminal app.

I only just want to rappeal here that there is an useful documentation available on the Mabox User Guide :

And i just saw that Tecmint (a Linux website) had published a short article on Terminator, with screenshots and a list of keyboard shortcuts :

And ‘man terminator’ is useful too ! :wink:


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Yeah, it’s pretty cool and useful. I run it on another of my distro’s (I multi-boot) Elive uses it as default.

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This is why it is default terminal emulator in Mabox :slight_smile:
Terminator have also some more advanced features like “broadcast”, custom commands by plugin, or even undocumented ability to run with partial configs.

Small example:

    "layout": {
        "tab1": [
                "command": "pyradio",
                "ratio": 0.7
                "command": "cava",
                "ratio": 0.3

Save this as ~/.config/terminator/pyradio_cava.json
Create a launcher wherever you like with command:

terminator -T "PyRadio & Cava" --geometry=420x440-20-20 -j ~/.config/terminator/pyradio_cava.json


Just simple example, I use similiar configs for some of repetitive tasks. Really timesaver which can eliminate some boring activity.
Some other examples available on Terminator GitHub.


Thank you for the link to the examples page. I am impressed by the possibilities of Terminator.

(“PyRadio & Cava” is fine. I use it in place of the default PyRadio config in the leftside menu of mabox)