[SOLVED (by reinstall)] Reset all files permissions

Is there a script to reset all file permissions and ownership?

I F,k up and make chown x:x .* as root.
Now I got /etc and other directories with owner x.

Thanks in adv.


Hello there, Marian si claro que si Of course there is a script tool to use in terminal called mb-reset: I will add a link so that you can have a look how it works this mb-reset tool to recover maboxlinux. I advise you can save files from a Manjaro Live usb before you use this mb-reset tool from terminal : mb-reset script - Mabox Linux Manual

Please also check in this forum in the search symbol typing : mb-reset
I will let you a link in the forum as a start:

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Unfortunately mb-reset will not help there - it can help only when user messed up some Mabox specific configs in home directory.

Linux does not store previous file permissions anywhere.


I know about mb-reset. This helps only for appearance.
I’ll install Mabox again. Thank you for quick response.

Mayby it is time to use btrfs and timeshift on fresh installation?

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I use Rescuezilla before I do important things and before system updates

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I am sorry that I could not be some help with mb-reset and our @napcok is 100% right. Well you are right to use timeshift to save snapshots of your system as a general backup so as to avoid future re-installs.

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Fresh installation does the job.

This time I set primary partition sda1 @ btrfs with mount point β€œ/”.
Secondary /home @ ext4 β†’ without changes.
All good now.
Timeshift set on btrfs.

I think this topic can be permanently closed.
Thank You All for help.

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