Rescuing an hp mini

Hi, I am trying to recover a hp mini, it is a notebook with very low resources. I tried with Antix but I am not satisfied with the performance. Today I tried Mabox from the live usb and it seems to work.
The screenshot shows the characteristics of the machine.
What do you think, will it work?

I managed to install Mabox, with the wired connection I performed the update and it works, it doesn’t run but it walks.
Now how do I connect it to the wifi?

Hi @Claudio ,
Perhaps this helps:

yay -S broadcom-wl
sudo modprobe wl

and install linux headers


Thank you, I will try it now

Reject my authentication

I solved the authentication problem and followed the steps.

I guess I will have to reboot.

sudo modprobe wl does not work or do something I can’t see.

If it works, what else should I do?

I will continue tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

Hi Claudio,

I like recovering old computers and smartphones too. :robot: For people who have no money.

(smartphones are a hell to reanimate with a custom rom)

Is there a SSD disk in the HP. That will make a XX faster difference in performance. You probably know.

If Mabox walking is t.o.o slow on the hp, Puppylinux is another option to try, is a very flexible and fast distro. It works a bit different compare to other distro’s. (like software installers and being root as default). The puppy forum is very active and good info to get from.

And if you don’t mind a looong installation time. Q4OS is a need distro for old hardware too.
The trinity desktop is fast, even kde is fast. But installation asks for a ZENnnn attitude.

Ok last but not least. Bunsenlabs openbox works on old hardware too.

PuppyLinux, Q4os, Bunsenlabs and Antix are my fav distro’s to test for old hardware.

It would be nice though if Mbox could stay :slight_smile: ofcourse . . . .

*PS:: you can keep Mabox on it to install PuppyL. (Frugal / Persistence installation).
It’s not advisable to do a hard disk install with puppylinux. Some features will not work, like snapshots of the system.
Puppy only needs a folder somewhere on a disk or on usb.

:hammer_and_pick: :hammer: :alembic: :telescope: :toolbox: :fire:Have fun with rescuing the HP. :computer: :hammer_and_wrench: :clamp::screwdriver: :carpentry_saw: :pick:


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Hi @muzqs :turtle:

Thank you for your recommendations. I read something about puppy but I never used it and I don’t really understand how it works, I think I understood that it works on other distros already installed and that it is convenient to run it from a Live usb, but I’m not sure if I understood correctly. It seems to me that what you say is more or less that.

No, I don’t have an ssd, the hp has a 250GB hitachi hdd. Some acquaintances tell me that the network board could be dirty and worn out and hence the problems, if this is the problem we can continue to use wired and in that sense there would be no problems, the machine works fine connected with an ethernet cable.

My times are very random, sometimes I can, sometimes, more often than not, I don’t have the time needed for Zen mode :grin:.

Of course I would like to have Mabox left, it is my favorite distro.

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