Plank example and autostart manual

i do some testing in mabox , i the first test i do is autostart .
example , you install plank , and you want it to start automatic at the bottom .
first of all i dont see plank in the folder of automatic start , however i make a link to the good folder , and place the starter plank in that folder two , but in autostart i dont see plank starter , ok not problem i set in the script auto start plank manual lol.

what wil happen is this , logout , and plank wil start automatic , but the conkys dont start anymore mmm strange or do i something very wrong :rofl: :rofl:

  1. If you want to reset openbox autostart script to default you can run:
mb-reset obautostart
  1. Create Plank autostart file:
cp /usr/share/applications/plank.desktop ~/.config/autostart/
echo "Hidden=False" >> ~/.config/autostart/plank.desktop

Plank should autostart next time.

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very good napcok and many thanks , tested and working direct , every thing is loading and fast , mabox is a dream :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:

And for Cairo Dock, please ?!

cp /usr/share/applications/ksd.ksmoothdock.desktop ~/.config/autostart/
echo "Hidden=False" >> ~/.config/autostart/ksd.ksmoothdock.desktop

i run on mabox on screen 1 plank automatic and for example screen 2 ksmoothdock , the last dock have even a menu inside the dock very handy and works very good under mabox 

webiste - > [here](

you can do the same with cairodock , just change blabla , before . desktop and search for the name in usr/share/application

Yes, I take this method with not success: I look the architecture of my computer and my dock is present in autostart file but not present on share. Now, I just turned my computer and I see the dock immediately. The problem is resolved

Very good way to autostart. I normally edit ~/.config/openbox/autostart.xml and add this to the end (plank example)

(sleep 3s && plank) &

works also for other apps.

Autostart in Mabox is described in Autostart - Mabox Linux Manual

There is another way which is used by some programs - systemd unit → systemd/User - ArchWiki