No volume display with audiokeys

Hi,\This happened once before but somehow when I press the volume up/down/mute this is not displayed anymore. When I hover over the volume icon and do a wheel scroll or press one of the audio volume buttons it’s show me either a hint (no notification) OR a notification in the bottom of the screen

Last time I just reinstalled Mabox and this was fixed but I used it to much to do a new installation

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Can you check if that helps?

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That part is already commented out. I just had the volume icon enabled in notifications and that gives me at least an indication


When reading an article on this, checking the daemon it was unknown and not started…

systemctl --user status xfce4-notifyd
Unit xfce4-notifyd.service could not be found

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It’s very odd but a fresh install just works fine (in terms of audio volume display).
Maybe it has something to do with the pulseaudio-ladspa-equalizer. Will install and check.

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