Manjaro to Mabox

Hi there guys!

I have manjaro installed on my laptop and been wondering: how could I turn it into a mabox system?

install the repo from mabox :heart_eyes: or ask the developper

or MaboxOS · GitHub

@darkarch Those Github repos are not updated. You can find recent files in

@sng I never did such conversion (Manjaro → Mabox) but basically it should be something like:

  1. Packages.
    Add Mabox repo, identify all packages you don’t have installed in Manjaro and install them. diff (?) on packages lists may help.
  2. Configuration.
    All user level custom configurations comes from /etc/skel directory (This directory is copied when you creating new user)

Anyway I think the best and fastest way to get Mabox is probably… fresh install :wink:

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i have bookmark this link , i do some testing later at this sub domain .
cool :heart_eyes:
ok i have seen , this git of your website subdomain are the ones that are in pamac in mabox , i wil test this if i have time on a clean manjaro in virtualbox out

On a freshly installed manjaro stable kde vm, fully updated

Added maboxlinux repo in /etc/pacman.conf

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch/

Installed all maboxlinux repo packages

sudo pacman -S `pacman -Slq maboxlinux | grep -v mabox-tools` --overwrite \*

Just in case

sudo pacman -S base-devel

This is as far as I have gone…

Now, openbox is not installed, so the question is: what packages do I install along with openbox?
@napcok any thoughts?

what pakkets is easy the once from mabox

, i think you are running

mabox ok

, so if you run


do the simple test in the search in pamac

with only the word mabox

, all the software that mabox is use , are coming up just

mabox nothing from openbox that is what mabox is use , however you need openbox two

Here is Mabox Package list →

I believe it can be used with some awk magic to install all needed packages which are not installed in your Manjaro Plasma VM.

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if you use archiso and you make a build from manjaro and pull down your repo mabox that this wil work two , if you know how :heart_eyes:

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I went with;

sudo pacman -S `awk '{print $1}' mabox-linux-21.02-Foltest-210215-linux510-pkgs.txt` --overwrite \

Let me reboot and see what happened…

Remember about Mabox’s /etc/skel files - without them you will have only packages installed - not configured.

Yes, I just got non-configured openbox

But vm /etc/skel is totally different compared to real mabox system, and I cannot get the package that installed the files there…

On my real mabox system:

pacman -Qo /etc/skel/.config/openbox/autostart
error: No package owns /etc/skel/.config/openbox/autostart

So, how did they get there?

They not packaged, but a part of iso-profile. They should be packaged, but keeping them in profile speeds up development, iso-building and testing for me.

So you can get them from Mabox installation or from git.

ok, done…
It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s ok for a “first try”…


@napcok I will come back to it at a later time (got to go to work, working the night shift today :cold_face: )
So I will need your help again on it. Thanks!