Mabox 21.05 and openshot rare problem

i dont think it is a problem with openshot but with mabox , why i know this from the same versions of openshot and other linux distro’s in archlinux .

i don’t know if they are bugs but there is something wrong in mabox 21.05
and how do we know this for sure on a live usb stick with mxlinux as a test.
what is it about, well if you are now using open source video drivers or nividia drivers, then I have found something very curious under mabox, named if you are even making videos with for example openshot.
if you now make a video screen with, for example, simple screen recorder and you place the video without sound in open shot and then add sound, if you now make a record in open shot, the sound will not be edited, and there is nowhere in pulse audio an app that will record the sound, I think this is very strange, because if I take a live usb from e.g. mxlinux, so now everything live and install on the live cd of mxlinux, openshot and go to the actual harddrive ware mabox and hence I leave the same video without sound and place the audio file with it just the same in the openshot and I make the video, there is sound on the video, so in my opinion mabox and rendering the audio has a big problem , because I have already done 2 tests with 2 other linux distros and this is only in mabox, even in open source video drivers and nividia drivers no audio is recorded, and normally you don’t even have to change anything there, this is automatically correct, and that vero I am assuming that mabox has a bug or something in its distro.

if i am on the live cd from mxlinux and i install on that live with root openshot and go than to the harddrive where my video is and place it on openshot and than the audio , everythings works , and that is very strange and i bet your ass that under mxlinux everything wil work on real hardware , and what is very strange on a live usb with this time arcolinux it works two , but not on mabox linux , not on my hardware

I don’t know much about Openshot and creating or editing audio and video, but did you installed faac and other optional dependencies?

yes faac is install not working , so that is a bug in mabox if you ask me , i even tested under mabox with kdelive no audio is recorded so it is mabox problem , it is very strange it works direct uder a live cd from mxlinux and arcolinux without install anything just openshot , so that say that mxlinux and arco set things correct direct , but like i say under mabox the video is recorded but the sound is not not in opensource drivers and not in nividia drivers , my system is amd athlon prossesors with nvidia card of 4gb , and i have never , see this problem before so it must be a mabox problem

Can you try with AppImage?

wil try , it very strange , i never have this problem before only in this version , very rare , even on another arch linux with a live usb stick i run the live , and use the root for testing 1 app like i say openshot and make a new video and place the audio two on open shot make the video rendering and open the video in vlc and bang audio and video works perfect , if i do this in mabox the video works but the audio is not , however i wil delete openshot and try again , i need openshot lol :upside_down_face:

i wil delete the openshot 2.5 first and try the install from the aur the 2.4.4 first , and if this not working i try the appimage

@darkarch you don’t need to repeat your problem in every post. Also, please try to write more correctly, it will make your messages easier to read and understand :wink:

sorry my man i dont speak english , however i have download from the official website the appimage it have a error if i try the open it under mabox . i have seen alot of compatible problem in mabox in some appz .

Did you make this file executable?

image web hosting

that is what i have from openshot appimage and i have this never before on any other achlinux distro only in this version of mabox 21.05 , however if the audio is not recorded on openshot direct the distro is not usefull , why it works on arco , or [EndeavourOS] or on ubunto or mxlinux , than you have a big problem under mabox

i work with computers from the year 1982 , lol i know how to set the good rights under a linux system :rofl: what i know i have never have this problem before , if i install mxlinux or arco or whatever distro i have never seen this problem before , it must be a problem with mabox , why it works direct on 2 live cd on real hardware than it is a compatible problem with the distro and that is all , some how the version of openshot is not compatible on amd athlon , with openshot for audio or whatever , why it is working direct on other distro’s than you have a problem with mabox (if you ask me opensource and nividia under openshot have a problem and tha is what i see , why it is not with mxlinux or arcolinux , arco is arch two , that it is a mabox problem nodouth at all , wil deleted mabox that is 100% sure

I have also problems with openshot merging video and audio but i think its some settings/missing codec issue. Not the distro itself. Didn’t bother to work it out and installed avidemux and use vokoscreen to record. Working fine. Video and sound is fine and faac is used and working.

the codec are all there , that is not the problem . what i have seen in in volume control under tab 2 that nothing wil change , and that is very strange , however , why is it working direct in a live cd without install nothing only openshot on mxlinux that say it all dont you think

@darkarch sorry that you have this problem - no idea how to fix it.
I installed Openshot on my laptop with Mabox 21.05 and do quick test.
Everything is working here.

It’s most likely FFmpeg linked to openshot according to a openshot developer. Openshot issues

OpenShot No Sound (PulseAudio & Arch Linux)

Use something else untill they get it fixed :slight_smile:

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why i dont have it with mabox version before this one is this not strange on the same hardware to you ? that is very strange if you ask me .
why if you use open source drivers is my system after 10 min freeze always, i use always open source video driver and no nvidia driver now i must use them, , that tell me that some amd systems wil have a problem with mabox 21.05 at some point not all but some wil.

i have even unstall the kernel , and try another one 1 version older and no luck at all , so i dont know what the think of that , but in openshot on my system the video is recorded but the sound is not , if you unstall the kernel , the drivers are two and even from virtualbox , so if you install some older kernel in mabox , all drivers are new ones , and dont work at all , so i think it is a mabox problem , but i will now it very fast i try mabox 21.05 on a live stick like i have done with mxlinux if it is not working it is 100% mabox problem in amd systems 100%
i dont say this wil happen on all desktops in amd systems but in whatever archlinux system i have never seen this problem before , and that i find very strange , and that just makes my suspicion grow that it is in a sure mabox problem

@darkarch did you read the link from @Boxer? It may be Openshot and FFmpeg problem – that’s not related to Mabox or any other distirbution. Did you test on other distribution exactly same version of Openshot and FFmpeg? If not then blaming Mabox is completely pointless, because Mabox has nothing to do with it – except updating packages when developers release a new version.

yes i read it but that is not the problem at all , the problem is 100% in mabox system it is not compatibel with some amd systems .

the test from mabox 21.05 live iso and i see very rare things

the test with a fresh live iso from mabox 21.05 is done, and i see some strange stuff that i see for the first time. normaly i always boot up with open source driver but now let’s boot with no open source drivers, and what happens on boot the installation crashes so we restart the live cd with open source drivers so mabox loads up, and that explains a lot already, and my guess is correct. we do a simple update on pamac, otherwise the system will not find the software in a live version without an installation, and we install openshot and my suspicion is very correct. we go to the official hard drive where my mabox is installed on real hard ware and open the video from there in openshot on the live iso and also the audio, we make a record of everything, and it turns out the video plays perfectly but again no audio, so conclusion it is a mabox problem with the compatibility of drivers on an amd system is not due to openshot not at all because it works directly on a live iso from mxlinux and arcolinux so both a debian test and archlinux test, and which has already been explained a lot on the iso that if you use the non open source video driver to boot mabox live cd then in the load module suddenly stops this explains that there is a bug in the mabox iso that causes this problem in the amd system, because in the previous version did not have this in mabox.

my system is amd athlon 4x 750k qaud core that i test mabox 21.05 on , but like i say the version before this one have not this problem , and the new one have this !! nvidia is 4 gb , and i know if you test whatever live cd , and try out some sofware and it is not working perfect on the live cd it wil not work on your machine at all , if you put a live cd from let say mxlinux and install something it will work , dont matter what software you try , and that is why mxlinux is nr 1 today , if you install it on new hardware or old hardware it always works , always , that you can not say from alot of distro’s ou there , the conclusion is 100% the new version of mabox 21.05 is not compatible , so it is not user friendly after a new version , but that we see in majaro two , and mabox is majaro , if its from the developper of mabox , not sure it can be a majaro problem two , we see this in manjaro manjaro bspwm two why you think there is no manjaro bspwm anymore they can not fix the bug from the early version whoehaha

Again, with exactly the same versions of Openshot and FFmpeg?

Do you have any errors in logs? Any module fails or blacklisted? Maybe new version Openshot/FFmpeg/anything else drop support for your hardware?

I can’t. To make this test sensible I would need the same (or at least very similar) hardware. I don’t have it.

That’s not related.

Try to be more serious. If not, feel to be warned.

in arcolinux it is the same version yes and it work that say enuff dont you think !! it is only another distro but still archlinux . and openshot works from the live cd and recorded video and audio , that say it all . if i deleted mabox 21.05 and install the older version back it work two , why not in mabox 21.05 so still thinks it is not a mabox problem :rofl: