Ideas and plans for Jaskier (next major release)

Plans and ideas for next development cycle.
This is wiki post and will be updated

Main areas of interest

Welcome screen, Mabox Control Center

  • introduction to Mabox/ Mabox Tour app is needed
  • Mabox Control Center, welcome screen, rewrite/replace or drop

Tint2 panel

  • provide several good quality configurations, one or two panels setups - and easy way to switch between (drop old configs)

Conky (on steroids)

  • handle more mouse events (Up,Down,Middle) - can be handy for advanced scripting

Composer (Picom)

  • improve composer (picom) multiple config handling
  • Composer quick config menu (something like we have for tint2)
  • serveral configs to choose from: safe (/dev/null), simple and modern ( rounded corners, transparency with blur effect)


It would be ideal to involve advanced and trusted users in the testing and possibly development process.