Colorizer roadmap

List of planned features for Colorizer

version 1.0

will be shipped with upcoming Mabox Istredd release

||| core

multiple actions for colors in root menu
use gradients (pre-made) for menu background and Openbox title bar

||| About and Help (HTML dialog)

more accurate info and more actions

||| Conky module

easy positioning (implemented)
context menu for every single Conky (should be possible with some jgmenu/X11/Openbox magic)

Future ideas (for version 2.0?)

“Pin” to wallpaper (save and restore colors and settings tuned by user, not automatically generated)
use GTK colors from current theme

||| OpenBox module

second base OB theme (not so flatish, more oldschool 3D)
third base OB theme (flat with square buttons in many colors)

||| Tint2 panel

new module with basic tint2 backgrounds editing

||| Terminal colorscheme

integrate terminal colorscheme generation by wal (dark or light)

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