Colorizer roadmap

List of planned features for Colorizer

version 1.0

will be shipped with upcoming Mabox Istredd release. Update: Istredd is released already with Colorizer beta (almost 1.0)

||| core

multiple actions for colors in root menu
use gradients (pre-made) for menu background and Openbox title bar

||| About and Help (HTML dialog)

During the development, it turned out that what was originally planned as an interactive help - became the main Colorizer window, and the dynamic menus are now called advanced mode :wink:

more accurate info and more actions

||| Conky module

easy positioning (implemented)
context menu for every single Conky (should be possible with some jgmenu/X11/Openbox magic)
support for “foreign Conkys” (write docs for that) and Conky sessions (started)

Future ideas (for version 2.0?)

“Pin” to wallpaper (save and restore colors and settings tuned by user, not automatically generated)
This is “killer feature”: will allow users to create perfectly riced meta-themes pinned to wallpaper. Including GTK theme and font settings.
use GTK colors from current theme

||| Conky module

Handle border, outer and inner margin
easy transparency handling. By Picom, as Conky itself is borked

||| OpenBox module

second base OB theme (not so flatish, more oldschool 3D)
third base OB theme (flat with square buttons in many colors)

||| Tint2 panel

new module with basic tint2 backgrounds editing

||| Terminal colorscheme

integrate terminal colorscheme generation by wal (dark or light) (not sure about that)

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So Istredd (22.12) has been released with Colorizer beta…
Colorizer has come a long way and overall I am happy with it but not 100%.
There are a few things left to do before I can honestly call it version 1.0… and start to work on next features.

Main window (HTML + launchers) - write “Menu/Panels” tab, finish and polish all other (started)
Conky module: handle “foreign Conkys” (write docs for that) and Conky sessions (started)
Menu/Panels theme handling (it works somehow, but I don’t like how) - rethink and rewrite
add action to save (and restore) current Openbox window decoration scheme (both themerc and rc.xml involved)
bug hunting and fixing
do not try to implement crazy new ideas - before 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

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