DeskMngr - save and restore desktop sessions (beta)

I will update post with more details …


How to test/play with it?

Update system to get latest mabox-tools and mabox-pipemenus

Add two pipemenus to Left Sidepanel

echo "Saved sessions,^pipe(jgdeskmngr)" >> ~/.config/mabox/places-prepend.csv
echo "Desktops and windows,^pipe(jgdesktops)" >> ~/.config/mabox/places-prepend.csv

Latter one is to easily close windows on various desktops while testing first one.

You may edit session files to your needs, for example:

d 912 1086 33 64  firefox --new-window
d 912 1086 977 64  pcmanfm -n


d 912 1086 33 64  firefox --new-window
d 912 1086 977 64  pcmanfm -n ~/.config

Important notes

  1. Some programs try to open in a new tab of an already running instance. This causes DeskMngr to behave incorrectly. Workarounds for several programs are now in place.
    If you encounter such a problem - let me know.
  2. When restoring a session, the script must wait for the window to appear before moving it to final location. The waiting time is set to 1.5s (hardcoded in script) - this may not be enough on slower computers. I will probably have to make it a variable taken from the configuration file in the final version.

Working without problems here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: