Session Management in Openbox/Mabox

Dear @napcok ,

a question : is there a way to save one’s last desktop session (all regular apps used during the last seesion of work), so as to look for previous session saved and keep using your customized working session next day?

I could do this when using kde’s Konsole, that’s why I’m so interested if this can be done somehow in mabox. ( I used to type this in Konsole to save one session: $qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer saveCurrentSession )



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Features such as saving sessions are available in Desktop Environments like KDE, GNOME, Xfce.
There is no such thing in window managers like Openbox.
However, in Mabox there is a solution that I use - powerful but rather for advanced users - called DeskMngr.
Try it - you will find them under middle click on desktop - it allows you to save the list of open windows as sessions and restore them later.
Good command line knowledge is required because the saved file must be adapted to your needs.

A little bit more about it → DeskMngr - save and restore desktop sessions (beta)

Give it a try…
If you think that something like this can be useful to you and you need help, I will be there :wink:


Thanks, a lot for such a soon answer…I will study and try it of course and let you know my feeling…

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