Conky memory leak

Conky got downgraded from 1.18.1 to 1.18.0 beginning of this year because of a bug in the network graphs. However 1.18.0 has a memory usage issue which causes me to have to restart conky every day. This issue seems resolved in 1.18.2, is it possible to update the conky in the maboxlinux repo to 1.18.2 (if that would not reintroduce the network graph bug)?

Seems like graph colors parsing bug is fixed with 1.18.3 → Release v1.18.3 · brndnmtthws/conky · GitHub
Arch/Manjaro still ships 1.18.1…

I will try to build 1.18.3.
Will you be able to help with tests?

Great! yes I can help testing tomorrow.

I built version 1.18.3 . Graphs work ok, I’m not sure about memory leak.

You can try installing manually from →

Thank you! I’ve installed this and reloaded my conkies, I’ll report back here with results in a day or two.

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I still don’t see Xorg eating memory yet, and the graphs look fine indeed. Promising!
@napcok I’m quite sure this fixed my issue, but we could wait a bit more to be certain.
Thanks again!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I pushed packages to the repo.
At least we are sure that it does not work worse than 1.18.0 :wink:

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Just to report I still don’t see any memory increase in Xorg, so this definitely did the trick.

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Great, thank you very much @biemster :slight_smile: