Conky context menus and new Conkies for Mabox Istredd

New Conkies for Istredd. And Conky context menu.

Context menu for Conky has two functionalities … apart from changing settings for a specific Conky, such as colors, position etc - you can add your own commands to the context menu.

This is another way of customization available in Mabox. I hope some power users will be satisfied :slight_smile:

If you have added your own commands, they will be presented at the top - above the settings.
Here, I added a 2 pipe menus to the Conky showing the mount points.

You can add any command you like there: launchers, scripts, links, commands which should run in terminal… see How to add custom commands to Menu and SidePanels - Mabox Linux notes

Every single Conky can have own different “commands” set.
This functionality is developed as a part of Colorizer Conky module, and it will be available (preconfigured) in upcomming Mabox Istredd Release Candidate - I will release it in comming days.

How to test Conky context menu on currently installed Mabox?

If you like to use Conky contextmenu now please add following lines to ~/.config/openbox/rx.xml

# Add lines below to section <context name="Desktop">
      <mousebind action="Press" button="Right">
        <action name="Execute">
          <command>conkyctl contextmenu</command>

If you like to get new Conkies, run:

mb-reset conky

Be aware that this command will overwrite all Conkies shipped by Mabox earlier.