Changelog for upcoming release

This is work in progress changelog for next ISO release (no release date has been set).

  • new helpers: history W-A-h, espanso - text expander (W-A-e), tiling (W-A-t)
  • installer: new slideshow ( EN, ES, PL)
  • Menus with icons/without icons, select fony, easy switch theme
  • switch to LTS kernel - rock solid and stable
  • Left sidepanel (Places) now have popular apps install pipemenu - nice on fresh installation, easy to remove later
  • Spanish translation thanks to @ben_chile :wave:t2: :chile: :muscle:t2:
  • next release will be one ISO (no more Polish and English ISO) :slight_smile:
  • fixes for Conky-manager, Tint2-manager - code rebased from current BunsenLabs
  • menu/sidepanels cleanup
  • fixes in Mabox-Control Center
  • bashtop replaced by bpytop

Older changes:

Released: Mabox 20.08 Dijkstra 17-08-2020

Released: Mabox 20.08 Dijkstra 17-08-2020

  • volume notifications duplicated - fixed
  • Hot Corners (cornora) – enable/disable in XDG Autostart GUI editor (top-left = places sidepanel, top-right = right sidepanel)
  • grub changes (background)
  • tint2conf icon removed from panels configs - it was confusing for users and youtubers
  • autostart for some apps (like: picom, conkies, gkrellm) can be enabled/disabled in XDG Autostart GUI editor (easily) - moved away from Openbox autostart file (advanced) .
  • flatpak and snap support removed - rarely used, easy to configure if someone needs it
  • obkey GUI editor removed (its dependency pygtk removed from repos) - can be installed from AUR
  • gkrellm-themes replaced by mabox-gkrellm-themes (only a few more modern looking themes included)
  • htop replaced by bashtop
  • xdg-su replaced by zensu

not happy with snap support removed

If you need snap support, then:

yay -S pamac-snap-plugin

should do the trick.

Thanks for support. Case closed:)

Some testing :slight_smile:

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Glad to see a couple of the niggles I had, have been sorted.
Always loved your interpretation of Manjaro.
Can`t wait for the new release.

If I install 20.02 will the bug fixes above be applied… or will I have to wait for the new release.
Keep up the great work Napcok :wink:

Hi @SudoReboot :slight_smile:
I think it will be better to wait a while for next release.
I’m working on it in my spare time, hope to have new iso ready in 2 - 3 weeks.

Thanks Buddy for the update… looking forward to giving it a test drive.

Mabox 20.08 Dijkstra - testing ISO

Mabox 20.08 Dijkstra testing iso are available. Only for brave users who wish to test ISO in VirtualBox - and maybe report some bugs :slight_smile:
Full release will come around weekend.

English language ISO

rsync  -vrdtP rsync:// .

Polish language ISO

rsync  -vrdtP rsync:// .
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