How to install in English

was going to install but after booting up in live mode, its all in Polish!
How to I get it in English?

Just get English ISO from:


Thanks, let other people know so they don’t get the wrong language

Yes, on English website link is to English ISO, on Polish website I added red color notice with EN link.
Thanks :slight_smile:

As soon as you double click the installer the first thing it asks is Language…it continues in whatever you select. O’course that don’t do much good when playing live…unless you have perogies

Currently Mabox is available in Polish and English. There are two ISO images. If you by mistake download and install Polish image, you will have pierogies in your menu and desktop (Conky) :wink:

Next release will be only one ISO and install translated settings (like Conky, custom menus/sidepanels) - depending what Language you choose.

Also it will be fully translated to Spanish thanks to @ben_chile

Comming soon :wink: Next ISO changelog