Zram in Mabox

Hi, I want to install Zram on my PC with Mabox.

Before asking I was checking the forum and I did not find any topics related to Zram, ZRAM, zram, etc.
I googled and only found information for Manjaro and other unrelated distros like Ubuntu.

I was looking in the Software Store and there is a zram-generator, but there is no kind of file that indicates what to do after installed Is there to enable it, modify any file? or does the method used in Manjaro work? Should I delete my swap partition before doing this or are they compatible?
I appreciate any help

ArchWiki - as always - is a good source of information → zram - ArchWiki

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Thank you for your answer.
I know Arch is our mother but I always have the doubt how much I can or should access pure Arch.
While learning to use Mabox, I was left with the feeling that I shouldn’t treat it the same as Manjaro or Arch, maybe wrongly and never resolved that doubt. How different is Mabox from Arch internally, can I use everything Arch in Mabox?
I always stick to what’s available on Mabox so I’m reassured that if I install something it’s in our repositories and anything I’ve done before from upgrading to customising is because I read about it on the forum or the official Mabox website.
The errors or problems I’ve had were always caused by me, and if something I didn’t manage to solve is because I don’t have the knowledge or lack of time, but nothing has affected the proper functioning of my Mabox which is still as operational as when I installed it.

Having read it, as it was not clear to me, I looked for more information and found endeavour’s information, which was very clear and explicit.
Now I’m going to reset my PC, I hope I didn’t do the grub modification wrong or I’ll be in trouble.
If I disappear is because I did it wrong and I must solve the problem.


Well, I didn’t die trying.
It works, now it’s time to see if I really notice any improvement or if I have to go back to the original.


In the tutorials to install zram-generator they advise to delete the swap partition, I did it in the end, and it didn’t work well so I had to go back to zero, now I don’t know if the kernel zswap is active or not but the machine is working fine. Maybe even better than before in terms of speed, now without zram and without swap although I reformatted and enabled a partition as swap.
I’m missing something because Conky still shows zram, now as if it’s empty but no swap.