(Yay) Update in the Terminal (cli)

Hi @napcok, I am interested in seeing the script that performs Mabox updates using Yay, as part of my interest in scripting with the idea of adapting it to other distros.

I have another PC running Manjaro and would like to use the script on that PC as well.

I like Yay better than Pacman and Pamac although I wouldn’t stop using them as they are part of the distro.

Searching through the scripts in /usr/sbin/ I found “check updates.sh”. I’m not sure if that’s the right script, could you confirm or guide me?

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I don’t know exactly what you are referring to…
How do you run this update? From the right sidepanel? From the Conky context menu?

It’s unlikely to be a script, just a simple command or two run via the terminal.

checkupdates.sh is a script executed by Conky - it checks updates every 30min, and if updates are available shows notification and let you decide about the way to update: Pamac or cli (yay).

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Yes, reading the file I understand what you are saying.
Yes, the yay updater that comes in the right panel. i thought it might be a script but i can’t figure it out.

Just two commands launched via terminal

yay -Syyu;read -p "  Finished! Press ENTER to quit"

It can be difficult to run commands in different terminals this way. Refer to the manual or help for the terminal you want to use.

I think it’s probably best to just fire up the terminal normally and type yay (-Syyu isn’t really needed)

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Thank you, I will keep this in mind.
I’m interested in scripting, that’s the main reason I wanted to see it and of course to use it, but from what you say, just run the command so solved the issue.
I will look at other scripts to go see how they perform.

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Hi Claudio,

Maybe I’m reading it wrong.
But Yay is probably not installed as the default on Manjaro. I don’t know.
But Yay is a program just like Pacman.

  • Pacman uses official arch repo.
  • Yay also installs AUR community packages.

To install yay on Manjaro.
pacman -S yay

After that you can choose to use Yay or Pacman.


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Hi @muzqs thanks for your answer, I’m in Mabox and I use yay for updates (cli) and eventually to install software. :+1:

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