XFCE powermanager not working

Hi, Anyone having problems with XFCE4 power-manager? I found out that it at least is not functioning correctly after hibernation but now it doesn’t seem to work even after a fresh start. I can see it’s inhibited by steam webhelper (the latest power-manager does display this when you right-click on the (question mark) icon). And when (in this example) the movie inside the steam app is finished the message is gone so there should be nothing to hamper the invocation of for example screen blank.
When I, in a terminal, quit the powermanager (xfce4-power-manager -q) and restart it with the debug on, I see no messages that it cannot invoke any of the set power rules).

Now I’m not a real Linux techie but maybe there is another powermanager I could install to test? Any suggestion to that (or any suggestion on how to troubleshoot/or repair this)?



doing some investigations on arcolinux at the moment. Seeing simular behaviour now and I think I have nailed it down to either discord or steam…

Can confirm it’s Steam. It’s an ongoing issue since at least 2018.

For me it doesn’t. But I’m not on a laptop so maybe there is something going wrong in a config file. Thanks for your answer!