Which UPS work well with Mabox?

The rainy season has begun and my electric power is turning off momentarily.

Which brands (and models) of Uninterruptible Power Supplies function best with Mabox?


Everything should work without any problems.

If your UPS have communication interface (USB, RS232, RJ45, Wi-Fi etc.) you can use apcupsd or nut to control your UPS from Linux. That should work without problems with (almost) all UPS models.

OK, thanks.

Do you consider any particular brand to be better than others in general (APC, CyberPower, TrippLite etc.)?

No, there is no big difference between UPS brands in my opinion. You should measure your power consumption and choose right equipment.

Or just buy the most expensive equipment in the shop. That definitely will be the best choice :stuck_out_tongue:

One of these looks about right

Tripp Lite OMNI1500LCDT UPS 1500VA

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

(I’m not sure what the difference is yet)