Where is the other autostart applications file?

Hi, everybody

I know there is a file for editing autostart applications, and I know that local application desktop files are in ~/.config/autostart folder.

When I open the GUI autostart apps/services editor, I can see that most of the files that live in the aforementioned folder appear here. But I cannot edit anything there, except for enable/disable them.

As you can see in the following screenshot, my CopyQ application has a comment that relates to a Conky session. I am wondering what is going on, and if this issue is causing that the CoopyQ icon do not appear in systray in tint2 :thinking:

Any ideas will be very much appreciated!


You can go to ~/.config/autostart/ and look and edit files.

I installed CopyQ and see the same, looks like there is a bug in Mabox XDG Autostart editor. (wrong comment).
I will fix it ASAP.
Despite wrong comment shown in Autostart editor CopyQ works OK for me, autostarting with icon on systemtray.


@lobaluna thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

Fixed with new mabox-tools package.


Thank you!
Now that I updated, the CopyQ icon appeared in systray.

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Can you share which widget/openbox windows theme are you using? I am trying to use one with title color NOT black, and not dark windows. I hardly distinguish the active window if all of them are black (bad old eyes).

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Hi @lobaluna
The one on screenshot is new and I call it MBcolors. It comes from new tool called Colorizer which is in early version and I did not announced it publicly yet. Anyway you can try it out:

yay mabox-colorizer

With Colorizer you can easily colorize:

  • OBtheme
  • Menus/Panels
  • Conkies (new set)