What's new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt

Originally published at: What’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt - Mabox Linux notes

Mabox Linux 21.06 codename Geralt is just around the corner. All planned new functionalities are now in place.

Second and probably last release candidate iso is available for download from:

repo.maboxlinux.org or from SourceForge mirrors.

Lets see what’s new in Mabox 21.06 Geralt.

Command Palette super-F1

Command Palette super-F1 is a new tool that serves two purposes:

  • collect in one place and have quick access to the most important tools and configuration files
  • serve as a handy list of keyboard shortcuts

Usage: run CMD Palette super-F1 … type to search what you want … execute found action.

DeskMngr – save and restore desktop sessions

DeskMngr (Desktop Session Manager) allows you to save the positions and sizes of all windows on the current desktop.
A saved session can be restored to any desktop later.


DesktopGrid – arrange your windows on the grid

DesktopGrid helps you place windows precisely on the grid (with or without gap).
Configurable settings:

  • columns
  • rows
  • gap between windows

DesktopGrid takes into account the margins set by the window manager. If margins are used, it is worth turning off the show_outer_gap option


Window management improvements

Click to move windows on the grid
With Ctrl-Shift-LeftClick on the appropriate area of the window you can snap it in a given direction. Works with active and inactive windows.

DirectionalCycleWindows actions
In addition to the usual Alt-Tab, you can now quickly switch between windows with Ctrl-Shift-Arrows.
Focus moves in the direction of the arrows.
Useful especially if you work in many windows on your desktop.

Wallpaper and Screenlocker

New menu for configuring wallpapers and screen lock.

  • Wallpaper slideshow is to change wallpapers from a directory, never using the same picture twice until all the pictures have been shown, and rotating x number of seconds (configurable) before the next wallpaper change. Based on idea from forum post by Shwaybo.
  • Choose wallpaper is another way for setting wallpaper
  • options for configure ScreenLocker with a few effects. Use Cache current wallpaper for ScreenLock if you want to use dim, blur, dimblur or pixel effect. (for faster loading)

Menu/SidePanels improvements


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