What's new in Mabox 20.10 Eithné

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New release Mabox Linux 20.10 Eithné is just around the corner:) is ready to download.

Download at: SourceForge.

Here is detailed but probably uncomplete list of changes.

Full Spanish translation

Mabox is now fully translated to Spanish, thanks to @ben_chile.
All Mabox specific tools like Mabox Control Center, Welcome Screen, Conky/Tint2 Manager, Menu/Sidepanels and even Installer slideshow are fully translated. Conky config files and tint2 panels also translated.


Only one ISO

No more language specific ISOs, there is only one.
Select appropriate language and keyboard at boot time.

Software Packages

As of this release, Mabox always ships the LTS kernel by default, this time linux 5.4.67
Most of packages comes from Manjaro Stable repository as of 2020-10-01.
Some packages comes from MaboxLinux repository.
Some changes:
– bashtop replaced by its faster, lighter and more featured succesor bpytop
– zensu (gtksu) replaced by yadsu
– Espanso – text expander added with addition of little jgmenu helper (W-A-e)

Menu / Sidepanels improvements

![|300x224](upload://8VPUNq0dDu30ZQ1Cq5tZyCI0FLd.jpeg)The side panels and the menu have received many improvements.
Now you can easily:

  • change size and font
  • Show or hide icons
  • select icon theme
  • choose color scheme (by default menus/panels follows openbox theme)
  • tune up color scheme to your liking

Autostart handling

![|300x263](upload://c5l4KcCt2k310lLrsgRJgbz7dzB.jpeg)Autostart of most common services/applications can be managed by Mabox’s Autostartu GUI.
You can ebnable/disable for example:

  • Picom Compositor
  • ClipIt – clipboard manager
  • Volumeicon
  • Hot Corners
  • Update notifier
  • Power Manager
  • Bluetooth Manager
  • Conky Manager
  • Gkrellm system monitor

Advanced users can still use traditional Openbox’s autostart script.

Easier Tint2 panel configuration with GUI

Tint2 panel configuration is now less confusing. Go to Settings Menu (W-s) – Tint2 Panel

Dynamic menus (pipemenus) and helpers

There a bunch of improved and brand new menus /helpers.

Install popular software
Screenshot tool (PrintScr)
Sysinfo pipemenu
History helper (W-A-h)
Exit Dialog (W-x)
Tiling helper (W-A-t)
Keybindings (W-A-k)
Text Expander – Espanso helper (W-A-e)


Theme Manager (forked from BunsenLabs BLOB) now saves also menu/sidepanels settings: size, font, colors (theme), icons.
It works better when changing theme – no more need to logout after change to have 100% effect.


Nice ! But SourceForge download does not seems to work… :pensive:
Clicking on the download button simply reload the same page. The iso image is displayed in the SourceForge menu but does not seems reachable and nothing happens at all.

Download works for me. Maybe they had some temporary server or network problems at SourceForge?

Just tried again. And it still doesn’t work. I tried with 2 different machines. One with Mabox, another one with Archlinux. 2 different config of Firefox and tried also with the Falkon browser. But nothing works. I thought that maybe it was a problem with some firefox settings or addons but it’s not this.

I searched for another distro that can be downloaded from Sourceforge and i found the ‘calamarch’ arch installer. So i tried to download it from sourceforge and it works. So the problem seems to be only with the Mabox Sourceforge service or files…

Something is wrong… download works for me, but SourceForge shows me that ISO is on 1 mirror only, yesterday it was on 24 mirrors after I uploaded it… really strange.

I will try to put ISO on other place…

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Yes i saw that there was only 1 mirror and was a bit surprised/ Maybe this mirror is down for the moment.

I’m uploading iso to another place right now, I will share link here when ready.
I also registered project at OSDN, waiting for approval.

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So here it is at temporary place: https://repo.maboxlinux.org/iso/
@Fall66 can you try to download?

First time I’m happy that Mabox is not listed on Distrowatch yet :wink:

I’m downloading now. Seems to work with this new repo.

OK. Download time : 4 minutes. A little bit slower thant the fastest SourceForge mirrors but decent speed anyway.

I have a new SSD to install so i will make a clean installation of this new MaboxLinux.

Sure for Distrowatch :smile:

@Fall66 good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

sourceforge is actually working, I tested it myself yesterday and it all went good… I have latest maboxlinux 20.10 installed and running :slight_smile:

It seems the situation with mirrors is getting better.


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