Wallpaper Slideshow - SETTING in NITROGEN won't stay SET

I put my own photos in NITROGEN to make the slideshow of MY photos… works goood- except I want the setting to be SCALED or CENTERED- not ZOOM and it will NOT let me change this-- I change it- click apply and it stays the same- causing many of my photos to be too big for background… even though i actually resized some WAY down to very small.


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Wallpaper slideshow is not a part of Nitrogen - it is custom script provided by Mabox ( and this script uses Nitrogen as wallpaper setter by default).
You can customize script to your needs easily…

  1. copy it to ~/bin
cp /usr/bin/mbwallpaper ~/bin/
  1. Edit it there
  2. See nitrogen manual to find options you need
man nitrogen

probably --set-scaled or --set-centered is what you need.

Click here if you lazy ;)

To quickly achieve what is above, you can use the following two spells :slight_smile:

cp /usr/bin/mbwallpaper ~/bin/
sd "set-zoom-fill" "set-scaled" ~/bin/mbwallpaper
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THANK you for the speedy and “exact” reply-- had it been in ENGLISH… I might could understand it-- (kidding on the english part) but I’m NOT a programmer-- I’ve done VERY little command line stuff AT ALL- and what little I did was in MINT (ubuntu/debian base)…IS there some basic something i can read to get familiar with BASIC processes like what you told me to do?? Ive tried some things in Mabox already- and didn’t work at all. Obviously did them WRONG- even though they “kinda” worked. :slight_smile: Sorry to be such a pain- but if you can just “point me in the right direction” to learn the basics, i can then solve some of this kind of stuff myself.
Again- THANKS for the wonderfully quick and detailed reply, even though it’s greek to me… :slight_smile: I’ll figure it out.

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I’m NOT usually LAZY- ha- (liked that)… I just am NEW and don’t understand all this yet… I’m use to a few basic SUDO commands in LINUX MINT- but never worked with scripts or editing them or any of that-- don’t want to totally NUKE my system-- i LOVE this too much!!!
THANKS- love the response!!!


I have NO idea what to do with this-- but I’ll figure it out… I want to learn this stuff- but where do I START for the basics? i don’t even know what it’s called that I need to LeARN!!. ha.

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