Volume Control on tint2


I listen a music, often. How placed the Volume Control inside on Tint², please ?! Guillaume

Just go to GUI autostart editor and enable Volume Icon.


I see this but my choices is not accept! I think to use the command line with the Mabox Autostart File, no?!

Did you selected Volume Icon to run at start?
After openbox restart (log out and log in) Volume Icon should appear in systemtray.

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That’s exactly what I did ! But the XDG Autostart Editor is remains completely empty despite my choices !

I placed the launcher on Tint² but after reboot, the icon to disappear !

Strange ! For me, Autostart is completely empty !! I use a other computer for test and most options of XDG is… checked

It looks like you messed up something in the configuration files shipped with Mabox.
Please show the contents of the ~/.config/autostart/ directory.

ls ~/.config/autostart/

By the way, the panel name is tint2.

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This is the result:

at-spi-dbus-bus.desktop           nm-applet.desktop
blueman.desktop                pamac-tray-budgie.desktop
cairo.desktop                  pamac-tray.desktop
cairo-dock.desktop             peony-desktop.desktop
clipit-startup.desktop         picom.desktop
conky-session.desktop          polkit-ukui-authentication-agent-1.desktop
cornora.desktop                pulseaudio.desktop
dtd-wayland.desktop            ukui-menu.desktop
gkrellm.desktop                user-dirs-update-gtk.desktop
gkrellm-dock.desktop           volumeicon.desktop
gnome-keyring-pkcs11.desktop   xfce4-notifyd.desktop
gnome-keyring-secrets.desktop  xfce4-power-manager.desktop
gnome-keyring-ssh.desktop      xfce4-volumed-pulse.desktop

Use code markups in the future.

You have needed entry, so that isn’t a problem. Maybe you deleted this program, check:

pamac search -r volumeicon

and if needed install package.

Is a surprise for me because I not open XDG before yesteday ! Ok, the package is here and I fine a solution: I use a launcher

No idea whats wrong with your setup, but you can also use standard openbox autostart file - ~/.config/openbox/autostart and add something like:

volumeicon &


(sleep 1s && volumeicon) &

See Autostart | MaboxLinux

I add this script line and it works ! Thank for your help and patience !