Upgrade Mabox Herbolth To Istredd

I currently have Mabox Herbolth installed on my laptops. Is there a way to upgrade the installs to Istredd without having to do clean installs and if so, how should I do it? Many thanks for the help and suggestions!

Just do uptate as usual. Mabox is rolling release like Arch not point release like Ubuntu or Debian

Okay, how would I specifically upgrade to the newer kernel that Istredd comes with? I believe it is 6. something where as my Hebolth installs are “stuck” on 5.15.128-1.

Kernels - Mabox Linux Manual

Image and description is a little bit outdated but… it works the same
Launch Mabox Control Center then Kernels… install any kernel you like.


Got it. Easy peasy. I need to read more before I ask. :flushed: Many thanks!

The “proof is in the pudding”. Neofetch showing upgrade to newer kernel on my main laptop.