Updated kernel

Well, well, well, f

or the first time I updated my kernel manually, without Mabox taking the initiative, everything worked perfectly, then I updated the system, I got 3 new updates so My Mabox is up to date.
Thanks to those who recommended me to do so.

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I’m glad you’re enjoying the upgrade :slightly_smiling_face:.

I haven’t been using Mabox all that long, but I’m very happy with it’s performance, stability and the fact that it doesn’t ‘force’ certain updates (i.e. newer kernels) on the user, and from what I have experienced so far, this seems to be the ‘theme’ of Mabox - that is giving the user access to many different options and configuration possibilities out of the box and then letting them ultimately decide what they prefer.


Yes, Mabox opened an unknown world for me, I started in Linux during the pandemic, I am quite basic, I do not have much knowledge, I tried different distros, including Manjaro in pure state, I went through Xubuntu, Debian, Mint base Debian, and of all, the one I liked the most was and is Mabox. I would like to have more time to learn well, but I don’t have the time, that’s a big brake for me. Anyway, I do not have many or big problems and I have solved everything thanks to the good will of users who share their knowledge, some things I have not been able to do are because my machine is limited, for example lacks the technology to virtualize, or can not display images in Terminator, anyway, nothing that prevents the rest to work correctly, I use LibreOffice, Gimp and Inkscape without problems, I browse, watch videos with a very acceptable image quality and sound, better than I had using windows.
I am happy to have made it this far.


One of the beauties of Linux is that it gives new life to older hardware and there isn’t the need to go out and purchase newer hardware just to keep an operating system ‘up to date’.

I have tried many distributions on this computer as well, and of all the ‘slimmed down’ options out there that really maximize my dated hardware, Mabox has been the all around better option for me.

I’m still learning things as well, and that is another thing I love about Linux - it allows you to tinker, discover and learn all you want :wink:.