[update] 31-07-23 Colorizer Openbox module improvements

The Colorizer update brings improvements to the module for configuring the Openbox theme (window decoration).


  • two new, larger sets of buttons (12 and 14px)
  • quickly switch between for predefined “title layouts” - affects shown buttons

Title Bar Fonts

Easier font configuration for window title:

  • font family,
  • size,
  • weight and slant

Let me know If you like to create own buttons set… and maybe contribute it. I will share mini howto and helpfull XCF file (for Gimp).


Nice work :slight_smile:

update 02-08-23

Colorizer fully works with MBColors OpenBox theme.

From now, it can also operate with any other theme used.
Only few actions available in such case:

  • change title font family, size, weight and slant
  • change button layouts

(As those settings comes from OpenBox rc.xml file, not from theme)


Thanks a lot… :+1:

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