[UPDATE] 22.08.28 - MCC and Colorizer

A bunch of small updates from the last couple of days.

Mabox Control Center

mcc has been refreshed a bit.

The first tab looks much better now, you can perform some basic actions like:

  • updating (GUI and cli)
  • installing kernels
  • see pkg stats (yay!)
  • adding users or changing resolution

In Menu/SidePanels tab, you can now easily edit/add your own commands for:

  • left panel
  • main menu
  • settings menu
  • right sidepanel

Colorizer progress

It’s a little bit easier to reposition each Conky on the screen. Try New position (mark on the screen) from Individual settings section.
Still not a good enough solution, but I already have an idea for making Conky positioning more convenient and fast.

Note 1
You can colorize every Conky individually.

Note 2
It makes sense to position the Conky as in the screenshot, you can click on the individual Conky to bring it to the front

Note 3
The road to Colorizer version 1.0 is still long. Many functionalities still have to be implemented.

I hope it brings you some fun even in its present form :wink: