[UPDATE] 22.08.22 - Mabox Control Center

Just a small update to Mabox Control Center.

  • added launchers for Colorizer, and it’s individual modules as well (OpenBox, Conky, Menus, PyRadio)
  • no more force of Geany as config editor (use your preferred one)


Great idea, and a cool update for MCC. Cool beans dear @napcok

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Nice, thank you. Curious though, the control center hasn’t opened on my machine in months. Assumed either I borked something or it was just waiting for some update. All that happens now is, when the control center is started, eleven instances of yad spawn, which eventually consume 57MB each, and must be terminated.

I’m sorry, but I think I have a problem with fully understanding your post.

I don’t know if you describe a current problem or a problem from the past.
If you have a fully updated system then everything should work.

Yad 12.0 has been available for several months now.