[update] 2023-05-22 middle-click on desktop menu (Windows & Desktops)

Middle-click on desktop menu gets some additional functionality.

Desktop services

Let you quickly enable/disable some features, like:

  • Conky session
  • Picom compositor
  • Screen edges/ hot corners
  • Cortile tiling manager (not yet but planned)
  • Auto-theming on wallpaper change (colorizer functionality)

Window Manager tweaks

to quickly enable/disable some WM features like:

  • show/hide desktop on left click
  • switching desktop with mouse wheel
  • enable/disable Focus follow Mouse mode

First two were enabled by default in recent Mabox releases, but I realized that they may be confusing for users which do not expect such events. on the other hand, I believe those settings are very useful, so they can be enabled quickly.