Unseen shared folders over network

I am new to Mabox and am enjoying the experience however, I have shared folders on another linux machine that Mabox is just not seeing. Windows sees the folders, and Mabox can ping the ip of the hosting machine, but nothing when I search network in file manager. Have tried both Pacman and Dolphin. What am I missing? any help would be great.

Hi @morrisic and welcome to the forum,

Press Ctrl+l and enter smb://servername/share in the location bar to access your share.

Still not working. Please see attached screen shot.

If I use IP address it works.
Is there a way to permanently map this?

@napcok I have, in fact, the same question.

I think it’s avahi-daemon the one you can use in this scenario in order to avoid manually updating the hosts file. Is that correct? :thinking:

I can’t help you with this topic. My only experience with Windows in the last 20 years has been removing it from newly purchased laptops :wink:
(In the past, it was not easy to buy a laptop/PC without an operating system)

Maybe you’ll find a starting point here → Samba - ArchWiki

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But the question is valid for a Linux environment:

  • Windows can see the remote PCs by name because is has ingrained the DNS and Name resolution stuff.
  • I, like @morrisic, use the IP address approach but sometimes can get tiresome when every Linux computer in your local network has DHCP and the IP changes from time to time.
  • Manually updating the hosts file is better suited when little or no IP change takes place. Otherwise it becomes cumbersome and a chore.

I can’t help, but again: this is worth to read if you need to figure out → Samba - ArchWiki

What about smb4k ? Should resolve your problems if it works as described.

If IP is static, you can just bookmark a share.
Otherwise try smb4k

I have had exactly the same issue. As a former Windows User I missed the “neighborhood-function”. This does not exist in Linux - as far I know. But If you install samba … without any configuration, you will see your smb-shares in PCmanFM.

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