Unable to login to safe mode

Unable to login into safe mode

Is there a way to config safe mode to accept a user instead of root so sudo can be used?

I installed a sata expansion card in my system the other day. I also moved my archive drive from the MB sata connection to the expansion card and booted the computer.

Unfortunately, the card wasn’t recognized by the motherboard so when Mabox came online it was missing the archive hard drive. I ended up at the safe mode prompt. It gave a rough description of the error followed by:

Enter root password and run journctl -xb or Crtl-D to continue

I entered my admin password; this failed.
I entered Crtl-D which ran default.target, which timed out and sent me back to the prompt.

I had to shutdown the computer and reinstall the drive on the motherboard.

Moving the card to another slot in the MB solved the issue, but I’m concerned about not being able to login to safe mode.