Todo & changelog for upcoming 21.xx Herbolth release


  • replace outdated vertex-maia-icons and themes
  • rewrite current menu and sidepanels code (it is 2 year old, slow in some places and hard to maintain) + also all “Mabox tools” - big task, maybe ship both old complete but slow, and new faster but incomplete. And provide easy way to switch between them…
  • new default theme (probably light this time)
  • Graphics: new slideshow for installer (xcf), new grub background maybe
    This is painfull task for me as I have no talent :slight_smile:
  • better tiling and improvements for keyboard maniacs :wink:
  • text expander Espanso in new version if it works stable - testing and packaging needed

Already done

… many things already added to distro since Geralt release in June 2021