Todo & changelog for upcoming 21.02 Foltest release


Decide what kernel will be supplied by default. Are we staying at 5.4 or go with 5.10, which will be the new LTS in days ??

  • Reset/restore tab in Mabox Control Center - quick help for users who messed up config files like rc.xml, autostart and others - clickable front-end for new mb-reset command
  • testing

Already done

  • some keyboard shortcuts changed - sidepanels, quake-term - edit tint2, conkies, jgkeys-pipe.
  • improved default tint2 config
  • [FIXED] Conky showing wrong memory usage BUG
  • Tint2 panel: optional mini HW monitor for systray -
  • Tint2 panel - adding launchers to panel is very easy now
  • Menu/Sidepanels lots of improvements: gradients , configurable sidepanels position, padding, borders, submenu spacing, rounded corners, border
  • mb-reset - helper command to reset/update config files
  • jgbrowser pipemenu - now counts dirs and files, hidden files toggle
  • SSH Connections pipemenu - parsing your ~/.ssh/config
  • Sys Info pipemenu - click-actions added where they make sense (kernel, packages, resolution). jgbrowser added to mountpoints.

Is it possible to only install ‘linux-lts’ kernel ? As 5.10 kernel will became the new lts, upgrade will be automatically made… Default kernel for MaboxLinux will be LTS and not 5.4 or 5.10, so it will automatically follow the LTS releases.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of these kernel metapackages (linux-latest, linux-lts)
Kernel update is an important operation - to automatically delete a previous version.

In case of problems, it is better to let the user boot with a working older kernel.
Manjaro’s kernel management is easy enough with manjaro-settings-manager.

So… no kernel-metapackages in Mabox by default :slight_smile:

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In this case, i think that shipping with kernel 5.10 could be an appropriate choice for Mabox…

I was suggesting this way because i have my habits with kernel metapackage. I’m coming from a Debian, and then Arch, background with no tools like manjaro-settings-manager and i must admit that i do not use the kernel part of this Manjaro application…

Yes please :slight_smile:

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