Tint2 - Top panel (appearance setting)

Mabox_2020-12-28-Top panel
if we want to change (add or subtract) icons for quick launch then:

  1. Menu - Settings - Manage tint2 panels - tint2conf (GUI) - configure mabox 2001.tint2rc (in my case)

  2. Go to “Edit theme …” and then the “Programs” tab

  3. Apply (after adding and appropriately moving)

You can read in Polish here

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I really like Mate system monitor. When i have use mate DE, i was able to add system monitor to the panel. But with the tint2 panel i can’t figure out how to do that (and if its even possible). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Have you tried the method described in the first post?

(Currently I’m working on feature which will let you add/remove icons to the tint2 launcher even easier.
It will be included with next update.)

Thank you for response.
I’m not trying to add a launcher to the panel. What i would like to have is real time monitor on the panel, like the picture shows.

Tint2 panel does not have such thing built-in, but you might try: phwmon.py · master · o9000 / phwmon · GitLab

I think it requires pygtk and python2-psutil packages


Thank you, ill surely try that!