Tint2 tooltip active output

Hi @napcok , Is it possible with tint2, to show the tooltip with application output.
So far i can see it is possible to add fixed text as tooltip.
But i quess this could be possible from a script.

I have a script for xfce4-panel that does that.

For example network output, like geo-ip info.
In the past also played with cowsay as tooltip. :cow2:

geo-ip is interesting for me to check the location of the server choosen by the vpn. It can be a bit funky with choosing a server. Reconnecting can make a difference. Bit annoying.


I don’t think it is possible.
AFAIK only one line text and thumbnail can be shown as tint2 tooltip.

But if you work on button or executor maybe it is worth to use one of many events to show notification?
Available events: left-click, middle-click, right-click, scroll-up, scroll-down.

With notify-send.sh you can show multiline text and use pango markup for it (at last part of it), also it is possible to add buttons with custom actions.

notify-send.sh --help



Thanks will have a look in that.