Tint2 System Tray Font

Hi, is there any way to change the font used for items that are in the Tint2 System Tray? I was able to change the System Tray icons and background, but can’t see any font property exposed in the GUI or in the config file for System Tray.
All my fonts match up except this one.

Can you post screenshot?
AFAIK systray shows only icons, I don’t think system tray use any font, maybe it is a executor or a button?

Sorry :frowning: I meant Taskbar, not System Tray. Apologies!

I can see a Font setting under Desktop Name - is this the taskbar_name_font property?

There is task_font variable in config file for that.
Can be also changed from GUI ( Task buttons → Font )

super + Alt + P brings tint2 config dynamic menu. You can edit config file from there - both in editor and in GUI.

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Sorry, I missed that property, I was looking in ‘Taskbar’ and not ‘Task’