Tint2 speaker icon shows X after installing Pipewire (solution)

‘This post assumes you installed pipewire via manjaro-pipewire package’

When pulseaudio is replaced with pipewire-pulse Tint2 Speaker icon shows X but system isn’t muted.

To solve the problem You will need to change 4th line in file ~/.config/tint2/scripts/volumettf :

muted=$(pacmd list-sinks | awk '/muted/ { print $2 }')


muted=$(LANG=C pactl list sinks | awk '/Mute/ { print $2 }')

That happens because pipewire doesn’t support pacmd, so we just replaced pacmd with similar command

Pipewire can be installed on Mabox and work just fine. But will require some troubleshooting after setup so everything ‘looks pretty’. Goodluck with your “next level sound quality” journey :smiley:

P.S. That is not the only solution, alternatively you can try solve it with pw-cli or any way you prefer… if you are brave enough
P.P.S. I don’t really see any reason why @napcok did not make this command with pactl from the start


Thanks for this @Ladas552.
Quite frankly I don’t remember why it uses pacmd command :slight_smile:
I also did not played with pipewire yet.
anyway this line should look like:

muted=$(LANG=C pactl list sinks | awk '/Mute/ { print $2 }')

LANG=C is needed because pactl output may be localized without it. At last this is the case for polish.


Thank you very much!