Tint2 panel and launcher_apps_dir

Recently I discovered an interesting option in the tint2 configuration files.
I can’t believe I did not spotted it earlier - using tint2 so many years :wink:

launcher_apps_dir = path_to_directory : Specifies a path to a directory from which the launcher is loading all .desktop files (all subdirectories are explored recursively). Can be used multiple times. The path may begin with ~, which is expanded to the path of the user’s home directory.

Thiss will allow us to have own favorites applications launchers the same - no matter which tint2 config we use.

So I updated all tint2 config shipped with Mabox.

You can copy new default tint2 configs into your ~/.config/tint2/ by command:

mb-reset tint2

Create directory for desktop files:

mkdir ~/.config/tint2/launcherapps

And add your favorite launchers by simply copy desktop files into ~/.config/tint2/launcherapps/
For example:

cp /usr/share/applications/{gimp,geany,blender}.desktop ~/.config/tint2/launcherapps/

Tell tint to reload its config:

killall -SIGUSR1 tint2

Now when you select other tint2 config file - your favorite apps launchers should be in place :slight_smile:

If you want to change the order of the icons in the panel - you can just rename the desktop files - they are sorted alphabetically.


Amazing! That’s fantastic, as this was something I was struggling with then sharing my tint2 config. :partying_face:

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