Tint2 is a Tint 2 is a headache

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Well I spent a lot of time reading about Tint2 but can’t get it to work as I want.
If I use this at the Terminal > tint2 -c /home/claudio/.config/tint2/Pinchudo-gruvbox.tint2rc

This is what happens. both two panels apears. (see 1º image)
I modified the original gruvbox and save it as Pinchudo-gruvbx.tint2rc but I can´t use it.
So I thought I must kill or save it as predeterminated but I don’t know how to kill and it seems not correct to save it as predeterminated, I lost the original. I worked and worked to add launchers to the panel but it doesn’t work.
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I can’t tell if I’m working in one panel or another, I want to edit the Pinchudo panel and use that one but as much as I do it always seems that I’m working in another one and I don’t manage to apply the modifications or use my panel.
I have followed the following steps.
1º_ Open Panel Themes.
2º_ Edit Panel.
3º_ Panel Elements
4º_ Properties, here I choose launchers and buttons.
Well whatever I do it doesn’t work, I’m probably doing it wrong, and I don’t know how to continue.
I hope you can guide me. Thank you very much.

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Use Tint2 Panels Manager from menu to choose which tint2 you like to use.

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I did it, I reset Tint2, and did it again and I can choose the panel.

The real headache for me is not being able to add launchers, I changed gruvbox for nordic and I can’t either, I tried from the side panel and with the graphical editor. :person_shrugging:t6:

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This was pending, I managed to insert the Telegram launcher in the Tint2 panel, I can’t use icons because the panel uses emoticons, now I have to find out if I can change or add emoticons to use some I like more.
To Firefox I put something similar to a fox (although the logo is a red panda) and to Telegram I put a text golobo.
For now I’m satisfied and the issue is solved.