Theme manager is not opening?

OS installed 5 hours ago.
I am new user of linux. This is my first trying linux.
I wanted to change theme. but theme manger in not opening.

I followed the steps from after clicking theme manager is not opening at all.

Hi @MrStrangeEnjoy ,

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Do you get error output when you run mb-obthemes from the terminal…

$ mb-obthemes 


0_0_1@bod-20ras0d800 ~ $ mb-obthemes
/usr/bin/mb-obthemes: line 317: (normal / 3 : missing `)’ (error token is "3 ")

Error= 255

Hi @MrStrangeEnjoy ,

This is usefull info. But i am afraid that i cannot help you with this.

It has something to do with the display.

Maybe look at monitor settings. (guessing)


what is it?

At this moment it looks you the only one facing this issue.

  • update system, if not already done, sudo pacman -Syu
  • look at your monitor settings.(arandr) play with it, and try again to run mb-obthemes
    (maybe logout/in again after some changes)

Part mb-obthemes script:


  • When did you install Mabox and what version.
  • What is the output of the following: line of interest is 317.
cat /usr/bin/mb-obthemes  | grep 'W='

or install yay -S bat.

bat  /usr/bin/mb-obthemes 

This gives the whole script with line numbers. And find the lines of interest. (compare with picture above)


Weird, like if the script is getting an incorrect value doing that division. :thinking:

Could you please share with us the output of:

xrandr -q