[testing] mbwallpaper for extended display

MBWALLPAPER + display 1…

I Extended Mbwallpaper so that It can control two monitors separately with backgrounds.
Pcmanwp is focused on 1 monitor, and spreads the image across the two monitors. Which can also be fun, by the way. And still possible.
I was only able with Nitrogen (gui) to set wallpapers for both display’s.

Created a copy of mbwallpapers and using it for the extended display.

Below the commands I modified and added.

	# Menu item for second monitor
    MONITOR2_WP="Wallpaper for second monitor..."

- Replaced pcmanwp for mbwallpaper -c. 
- Created a copy of mbwallpaper for extended monitor. (mbwallpaper2mon)

    out+=("<big>󰉔</big>   $CHOOSE_WP,mbwallpaper -c")
    out+=("<big>󰉔</big>   $MONITOR2_WP,mbwallpaper2mon -c")
	out+=("<big></big>   $RANDWALL,mbwallpaper -o;mbwallpaper2mon -o;$me")

Force display 0 (default)

 nitrogen) command="nitrogen --head=0 --set-scaled --save"

Force display 1 (extended)

    nitrogen) command="nitrogen  --head=1 --set-scaled --save" 

VIDEO DEMO mbwallpaper two monitors.

The video workflow is slower than in reality, due to screenrec.




Lots of interesting things in the video :slight_smile:

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This is what i use now for changing colors of the animation inside conky. When changing backgrounds.
But should be automated. in development …


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sneak preview : mbwallpaper-slideshow two display’s.

A brief impression of mb slideshow with two monitors.

I will post the steps i took another time.

The gif shows the following.

The situation starts from Dwall-weekly with Cronjob every hour.
Then Cronjob OFF.
Switching via tint2 Lock Icon to slideshow for two monitors.
Finishing with going back to Dwall-weekly with Cronjob ON.
Lock Icon off.



Little update; Testing Slideshow with 2 monitors.

I am planning to make a gitlab page with more explanation.

Added : Mbwallpaperchanger2mon.conf for Display 2, to use another wallpaper DIR.

In short.
A: When Dwall Cronjob is disabled it is possible to start slideshow on display 1 and 2. (CLick:Left:Right)
Middle Wheel up : next image display 1
Middle Wheel down : next image display 2

ps this picture is edited. The jgmenu/wallpaper is not accessible when on slideshow.


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I leave Dwall alone for now.
One button [Wall] for managing wallpapers.

[1] = display default
[2] = extended display

  • L:Slideshow[2]
  • WD:NextImage[2]
  • M:Jgwallpaperchanger
  • R:Slideshow[1]
  • WU:NextImage[1]





last one for today . . . getting there slowly

Mabox-20230730-22-26-29 Mabox-20230730-22-27-25


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Created a gitlab git.



Edit : added pix. Updated Git…

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  • Added running or not running.
  • And some other small changes…