[TEST NEEDED] Cortile integration with Mabox

If you like to help with testing…

  1. Download tint2-executor and config file
mkdir -p ~/.config/cortile
cd ~/.config/cortile
wget https://repo.maboxlinux.org/testing/tint2-cortile.tar.gz
tar -zxvf tint2-cortile.tar.gz
cp tint2-cortile/config.toml .
  1. Add executor to your tint2 panel

Right click on Mabox icon → Edit tint2 GUI…
… go to Panel items… add executor and then configure it.

Command: ~/.config/cortile/tint2-cortile/t2-cortile
Configure Left click command and so on like on screenshot

icon width and icon height: 32

  1. Install cortile
yay -S cortile
  1. Start Cortile from middle click on desktop menu

  2. Use executor icon to control Cortile
    Left click : tile - change_layout - untile
    Mouse wheel up/down decrease increase proportion

Should work similar as here

MaboxLab: Cortile tiling manager (quick test) - YouTube


For now tint2-executor is some kind of quick and dirty hack :wink: But it works quite ok.

It will be replaced with more elegant solution in the future.
Reference: pre-tile, post-untile, etc. events and states · Issue #14 · leukipp/cortile · GitHub

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My findings:

  1. Installation, no issues

  2. Usage,

a. big gap between screen edges and tiling group; finally, I adjusted them to zero in config… My screen resolution is quite odd: 2048x1152. I do not know if this is important:

b. left click, OK cycling thru all layouts
c. right click, OK toggle untile/fullscreen
d. middle click, also toggle fullscreen/untile (is this ok? Couldn’t see any difference with right click)
e. wheel up, OK increases proportion
f. wheel down, OK decreases proportion
h. pavucontrol was ignored by tiling, as expected:

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The config file config.toml, not yaml, as the instructions read ;D

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Thanks @lobaluna
About big gap, do you use Openbox margins?

Hi, @napcok!

No, I don’t. I like it without gaps.

I am on your latest update for Cortile, but I don’t know if I have to put the launcher in tint2 panel, same as in testing period? With the same name?
Because you said you will polish some things…

Cortile is at 2.0.0 version now, Tint2 executor should work the same way.
I will include it as it is now in next ISO refresh.


is there a way to turn off the edge snap? i can barely operate with my mouse hitting the edge of the screen and making my windows reorganize.

Edit configuration file ~/.config/cortile/config.toml. It is very well documented.
what you need is probably remove top_center action:

# Corner at top center.
top_center = "master_make"

Just make it empty.

# Corner at top center.
top_center = ""
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ill give it a shot. thanks!

Hi @napcok,

inspired by your great tint2 integration I added general support for a systray icon, starting with the latest cortile release. The configuration file has been updated, so note that new entries are required to activate the systray.

Since tint2 doesn’t support StatusNotifierItem, snixembed have to be installed with:

pamac build snixembed

If you start snixembed before running cortile, the icon is displayed, but “center click” and “scroll direction” do not work properly. The tint2 integration is therefore still more powerful on Openbox environments, if you need help solving the performance issues using tint2 just let me know.


Hi @leukipp, and welcome to the forum.
Thanks for your work on Cortile. A truly impressive piece of software.
I will try to improve “Cortile tint2 executor” to include it with next Mabox ISOs.

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Cortile is now at 2.1.1 version.
I will upload it to Mabox repo as soon as I manage to improve tint2 executor a bit :slight_smile:

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Hi @napcok I saw that I have cortile installed because I have the files in my .config folder. If I press super + alt + t it put the windows in cascade, now I get a Tiling menu with the different options.
Now, in your post it says right click on the Mabox icon. which icon? I don’t have any visible.
Does Cortile perform any other tasks?

Thank you for calling attention to this great little program! Although I don’t use Mabox linux, it will be very useful! It works even better under XFCE!

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