I have recently installed Mabox on a Chromebook and it works very well. It is one of the few linux distros that supports sound properly. My problem is that most of your keyboard shortcuts use the Super key. There is no Super key on a Chromebook. Is there a way to change this to the ctrl key or some other key?


You can edit keyboard shortcuts by editing ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml.

But maybe better idea is to remap some other key?
Check GitHub - sezanzeb/input-remapper: 🎮 An easy to use tool to change the mapping of your input device buttons.

You can install it from AUR:

yay input-remapper-git

wow… big fresh news to me, @scog !. I mean your personal experience with running Mabox in a Chromebook is completely fresh…first time I 've ever heard or seen of it. I would appreciate you could share some visual short of your experience in pictures or a video somehow in this forum or a link please. So we could share your experience with the Chromebook hardware model type and maybe be your future keybinding improvement could help other interested chromebooks users who try Maboxlinux. Warm hugs from Chile.

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